Breakout Session Three - Strategies for Work/Life Balance

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 As a practicing nurse and educator for over 25 years, Tracy has experienced the positive life fulfilling emotional affirmations that occur after patient/family interactions. Unfortunately, the accumulation of emotional experiences can result in compassion fatigue that affects the nurse, the quality of the nurse’s life, and the outcome of the patient experience. As a faculty member she has recognized the increasingly more complex lives nursing students have and how their personal stress levels have increased, especially in accelerated programs. This presentation will include current research and tools to help students and nurses develop resilience to stress or compassion fatigue.  


Sustaining work/life balance will offer guidance and techniques to manage the demands of administering programs and teaching accelerated degree students.

 At the conclusion of the breakout sessions, the facilitators will summarize group discussion and provide an opportunity for all participants to engage in a question and answer session.



1.      Define compassion fatigue and nursing student stressors.

2.     Describe the importance of self-care for the individual and the patient.

3.     Demonstrate use of a self-care App, one of the self-care modalities.

Modalities to enhance relaxation and develop mindfulness are under the learn title.  To download the App on  your smart phone, open the web site on your smart phone and follow the directions.

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